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2011 Campaign Finances
expand Office Location: At Large Committees
Better Citizens CommitteePre-PrimaryCommittee
Dauphin County Democratic CommitteePre-ElectionCommittee
Dauphin County Democratic CommitteePre-PrimaryCommittee
Dauphin County Republican CommitteePost-ElectionCommittee
Dauphin County Republican CommitteePost-PrimaryCommittee
Democratic ValuesPost-ElectionCommittee
Harrisburg City RepublicansPost-PrimaryCommittee
Lower Dauphin Area Republican CommitteePre-ElectionCommittee
McNees PACPre-ElectionCommittee
Pennsylvania Justice LeagueYear-EndCommittee
Revitalizing Our CommunityPre-PrimaryCommittee
Seed PACPost-PrimaryCommittee
We the PeoplePre-PrimaryCommittee
expand Office Location: Central Dauphin School District
Leber for CDSDPost-PrimaryCommittee
Macut, JanisPost-PrimaryCandidate
Macut, Janis/ Friends ofPre-PrimaryCommittee
Wenger, JayPost-ElectionCandidate
Wenger, JayPost-PrimaryCandidate
expand Office Location: Conewago Township
Concerned Citizens for ConewagoPost-ElectionCommittee
expand Office Location: Dauphin County
Coleman for Dauphin County ControllerYear-EndCommittee
Coleman for Dauphin County ControllerPre-ElectionCommittee
Coleman for Dauphin County ControllerPre-PrimaryCommittee
Coleman, John E.Pre-ElectionCandidate
Creason, JanisPost-ElectionCandidate
Creason, JanisPost-PrimaryCommittee
Daniels, ShamainePre-PrimaryCandidate
Daniels, Shamaine/ Friends ofPre-PrimaryCommittee
Farina/ Friends for CommitteeYear-EndCommittee
Goble, Jeff/ Committee to ElectPre-ElectionCommittee
Goble, Jeff/ Committee to ElectPost-PrimaryCommittee
Hartwick, George III/ Citizens forYear-EndCommittee
Hartwick, George III/ Citizens forPre-ElectionCommittee
Hartwick, George III/ Citizens forPre-PrimaryCommittee
Haste and Pries/ Friends ofPost-ElectionCommittee
Haste and Pries/ Friends ofPre-ElectionCommittee
Haste and Pries/ Friends ofPost-PrimaryCommittee
Haste, Jeff/ Friends ofYear-EndCommittee
Haste, Jeff/ Friends ofPre-ElectionCommittee
Haste, Jeff/ Friends ofPre-PrimaryCommittee
Henderson, Evelyn Zigerelli/ Committee to ElectYear-EndCommittee
Henderson, Evelyn Zigerelli/ Committee to ElectPost-PrimaryCommittee
Hetrick, Graham/ For Coroner CommitteeYear-EndCommittee
Jackson, Wendy/ Friends to ElectPre-ElectionCommittee
Jackson, Wendy/ Friends to ElectPre-PrimaryCommittee
King, Jean MarfizoPre-ElectionCandidate
King, Jean MarfizoPre-PrimaryCandidate
King, Jean Marfizo/ Friends of24-Hour ReportCommittee
King, Jean Marfizo/ Friends ofPre-ElectionCommittee
King, Jean Marfizo/ Friends ofPre-PrimaryCommittee
Klein, Dale E./ Friends of24-Hour ReportCommittee
Klein, Dale E./ Friends ofPost-PrimaryCommittee
Lotwick, Jack/ Friends ofPost-ElectionCommittee
Lotwick, Jack/ Friends of Pre-ElectionCommittee
Marsico, Ed/ For District Attorney CommitteeYear-EndCommittee
Marsico, Ed/ for District Attorney Committee24-Hour ReportCommittee
Marsico, Ed/ For District Attorney CommitteePost-PrimaryCommittee
Papenfuse for Dauphin CountyPost-PrimaryCommittee
Pries/ Friends forYear-EndCommittee
Pries/ Friends forPost-PrimaryCommittee
Rebuck, Marie E.Pre-PrimaryCandidate
Rebuck, Marie/ Committee forPre-ElectionCommittee
Rebuck, Marie/ Committee forPre-PrimaryCommittee
Rogette/ Friends ofPre-ElectionCommittee
Taylor, Alvin Q./ Friends forYear-EndCommittee
Taylor, Alvin Q./ Friends forPre-PrimaryCommittee
Zugay, Jim/ Friends to ElectPost-ElectionCommittee
Zugay, Jim/ Friends to ElectPost-PrimaryCommittee
expand Office Location: Derry Township
Abruzzo, Chris/ Friends ofYear-EndCommittee
Derry Township Republican CommitteeYear-EndCommittee
Foley, JohnPost-PrimaryCandidate
Foley, John/ Friends ofPre-ElectionCommittee
Shiflett, BrianPost-PrimaryCandidate
Todd, Steven W.Post-PrimaryCandidate
expand Office Location: Derry Township School District
Barrett, Christopher S.Post-PrimaryCandidate
Changes for a Greater Hershey, More 4 YouYear-EndCommittee
Elect Donahue CommitteePre-PrimaryCommittee
Hancock for School DirectorPost-PrimaryCommittee
Hancock, BrucePost-PrimaryCandidate
Sheehan, MaryellenPre-ElectionCandidate
Sheehan, Maryellen/ Friends ofPre-ElectionCommittee
Sheffey, Ellen/ For School DirectorPre-PrimaryCommittee
Shiflett for School DirectorPre-PrimaryCommittee
Williams, DaisyPost-PrimaryCandidate
Williams, Daisy/ For School BoardYear-EndCommittee
Williams, Daisy/ For School BoardPre-PrimaryCommittee
expand Office Location: East Hanover Township
expand Office Location: Halifax Area School District
Halifax Save Our Schools CommitteePost-PrimaryCommittee
expand Office Location: Harrisburg
Bretz, MichaelPre-ElectionCandidate
Brown, Camilla Drayton/ Friends to ElectYear-EndCommittee
Brown, Camilla Drayton/ Friends to ElectPre-PrimaryCommittee
Campbell, John R./ Friends ofPre-PrimaryCommittee
Citizen Unity for HarrisburgPre-ElectionCommittee
Citizen Unity for HarrisburgPost-PrimaryCommittee
Cruz, RuthPre-ElectionCandidate
Cruz, Ruth/ Friends ofPost-ElectionCommittee
Cruz, Ruth/ Friends ofPost-PrimaryCommittee
Erice, Camille/ For City CouncilYear-EndCommittee
Erice, Camille/ For City CouncilPre-PrimaryCommittee
Harrisburg City RepublicansPre-ElectionCommittee
Hello HarrisburgPre-PrimaryCommittee
Hicks, Eric "Rick" Sr./ Committee to Elect for MDJPost-PrimaryCommittee
Hicks, Sr. EricPre-PrimaryCandidate
Ketterer, Steven M./ Friends forYear-EndCommittee
Ketterer, Steven M./ Friends ForPost-ElectionCommittee
Ketterer, Steven M./ Friends forPre-PrimaryCommittee
Leadership for Harrisburg 2013Year-EndCommittee
Medina, David J.Pre-PrimaryCandidate
Moore, William "Buddy"Pre-PrimaryCommittee
Myers, Eric M./ Friends of for MDJPost-PrimaryCommittee
Myers, Eric M./ Friends of for MDJPre-PrimaryCommittee
People for Moore In CourtPre-PrimaryCommittee
Pianka, Barbara W.Pre-ElectionCandidate
Pianka, Barbara W.Post-PrimaryCandidate
Pianka, Barbara W./ Committee to Re-Elect for MDJPre-ElectionCommittee
Pianka, Barbara W./ Committee To Re-Elect for MDJPre-PrimaryCommittee
Reid, Sandra R./ Friends ofPost-ElectionCommittee
Reid, Sandra R./ Friends ofPost-PrimaryCommittee
Revitalizing Our CommunityPost-ElectionCommittee
Roberson, Gina Johnson/ Friends to ElectPre-PrimaryCommittee
Roy, Ellis R. Rick/ Committee to ElectPost-PrimaryCommittee
Running for HarrisburgYear-EndCommittee
Running for HarrisburgPre-ElectionCommittee
Running For HarrisburgPre-PrimaryCommittee
Stewart, Marsha C.Pre-PrimaryCandidate
Stewart, Marsha C./ Committee to Re-ElectPost-ElectionCommittee
Stringer, PatPre-PrimaryCandidate
Wilson, Susan B./ Citizens to Re-ElectPost-ElectionCommittee
Wilson, Susan B./ Citizens to Re-ElectPost-PrimaryCommittee
Zozos/ Re-Elect for District Judge CommitteePre-ElectionCommittee
Zozos/ Re-elect for District Judge CommitteePre-PrimaryCommittee
expand Office Location: Harrisburg City School District
Hodges, Destini/ Friends ofPost-PrimaryCommittee
Lewis, JuenettaPre-PrimaryCandidate
expand Office Location: Lower Dauphin School District
Donahue/ Elect CommitteePre-PrimaryCommittee
expand Office Location: Lower Paxton Township
Klein, Adam G./ Friends ofPost-PrimaryCommittee
Lower Paxton Township Republican CommitteePre-ElectionCommittee
Seed PacPre-PrimaryCommittee
expand Office Location: Lower Swatara Township
Davies, Michael J.Post-PrimaryCandidate
Linn, Frank/ Friends ofPre-PrimaryCommittee
Wilt, Jon G.Pre-PrimaryCandidate
expand Office Location: Middle Paxton Township
Fisher, James H.Pre-PrimaryCandidate
expand Office Location: South Hanover Township
Brumbaugh, Thomas S.24-Hour ReportCandidate
expand Office Location: Steelton Borough
House, DenaePre-ElectionCandidate
expand Office Location: Susquehanna Township
Engle, Fred/ ElectYear-EndCommittee
Engle, Fred/ ElectPre-ElectionCommittee
Lynch, Frank/ Friends ofPost-ElectionCommittee
Lynch, Frank/ Friends ofPost-PrimaryCommittee
MJ/ Friends to ElectPre-ElectionCommittee
Peters, Gregory M.Pre-ElectionCandidate
Rebarchak, Jody/ Friends ofPre-ElectionCommittee
Susquehanna Township Republican CommitteeYear-EndCommittee
expand Office Location: Susquehanna Township School District
Dietrich, JohnPost-PrimaryCandidate
expand Office Location: Swatara Township
Smith, MikeYear-EndCandidate
Smith, Mike/ Citizens forYear-EndCommittee
Smith, Mike/ Citizens forPre-PrimaryCommittee
Swatara Township Republican CommitteePre-ElectionCommittee
Varner, JeffPost-ElectionCandidate
Varner, JeffPost-PrimaryCandidate
Weikle, John/ Friends ofPre-ElectionCommittee
expand Office Location: West Hanover Township
Klein, Adam G.Pre-PrimaryCandidate
Scott, Christopher L.Post-PrimaryCandidate
Steinmeier, Donald L.Pre-ElectionCandidate
Steinmeier, Donald L.Pre-PrimaryCandidate
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