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Court Calendar
Below are the complete Court calendar listings by year.
Please contact the courts if you have any further questions.
2014 Arbitration Hearings.pdf2014 Arbitration Hearings
2014 ARD Court.pdf2014 ARD Court
2014 Arraignments.pdf2014 Arraignments
2014 Audit of Accounts.pdf2014 Audit of Accounts
2014 Criminal Status Conferences.pdf2014 Criminal Status Conferences
2014 DRO Appeal Hearing Court Dates.pdf2014 DRO Appeal Hearing Court Dates
2014 DRO Capias Dates.pdf2014 DRO Capias Dates
2014 DRO Contempt Court.pdf2014 DRO Contempt Court
2014 DUI Court Dates.pdf2014 DUI Court Dates
2014 Jury Trial Weeks.pdf2014 Jury Trial Weeks
2014 Juvenile Court.pdf2014 Juvenile Court
2014 License Suspension Appeals.pdf2014 License Suspension Appeals
2014 Miscellaneous Court.pdf2014 Miscellaneous Court
2014 Protection from Abuse Court.pdf2014 Protection from Abuse Court
2014 Revocation Hearings.pdf2014 Revocation Hearings
2014 Sheriff Sale Dates.pdf2014 Sheriff Sale Dates
2014 Structured Settlement and Lottery Dates.pdf2014 Structured Settlement and Lottery Dates
2014 Summary Appeals.pdf2014 Summary Appeals
2015 Arbitration Schedule.pdf2015 Arbitration Schedule
2015 ARD Court.pdf2015 ARD Court
2015 Arraignments.pdf2015 Arraignments
2015 Audit of Accounts.pdf2015 Audit of Accounts
2015 Civil Jury Trials.pdf2015 Civil Jury Trials
2015 Costs and Fines Contempt Court.pdf2015 Costs and Fines Contempt Court
2015 Drug Court.pdf2015 Drug Court
2015 DUI Court.pdf2015 DUI Court
2015 Holidays.pdf2015 Holidays
2015 Jury Trial Weeks.pdf2015 Jury Trial Weeks
2015 Miscellaneous Court.pdf2015 Miscellaneous Court
2015 Naturalization Court.pdf2015 Naturalization Court
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