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Payment Options - Defendants

Any payments made directly to the plaintiff may be considered "gifts."

Defendants: To ensure your support payments are processed and applied to the proper case, include your PACSES member number and case number on all checks or money orders along with your payment coupon. If you have more than one support case, you will receive only one combined bill each month. Send one payment for all of your support cases. PA SCDU or PACSES will divide the payment between the cases under federal law. Please also include your name and Social Security number on the check or money order. Otherwise, your payment cannot be processed or applied to your account.
You may pay support with a check or money order payable to PA SCDU .
Please mail your support payments to:
P.O. BOX 69110
HARRISBURG, PA 17106-9110
If you do not have your payment coupon, send your payment including your PACSES case number, Social Security number, or member identification number on your check or money order payable to PA SCDU. Also, contact the Domestic Relations Office to request payment coupons, or go to the child support website
If the Domestic Relations Office does not have a wage attachment order with the defendant's employer, the defendant will receive a billing statement and a payment coupon each month.
Until a defendant's wage attachment is activated by the employer, the defendant must make all support payments directly to PA SCDU. The Court routinely issues orders attaching defendant's wages at their employer. The employer is responsible for sending the support payments to PA SCDU. If the full amount of the support order is not being deducted by the employer, the defendant is responsible to pay the difference directly to PA SCDU. You must contact the Domestic Relations Office any time your employment status changes. In order to attach wages, the Domestic Relations Office needs the name, address, and telephone number of the defendant's employer's payroll department.
a) Recurring Automatic Withdrawal (RAW)
Defendants may arrange to pay their support order through a Recurring Automatic Withdrawal (RAW) to have funds electronically transferred on a weekly, monthly, semi-monthly, or bi-weekly basis to PA SCDU from a bank account.
Defendants may also use Pay-by-Phone to have funds electronically transferred to PA SCDU from a bank account at the defendant's direction.
The Court frequently orders defendants to establish such an account in cases where the defendant changes employers frequently or is self-employed. Defendants should establish this method by contacting the PA SCDU Customer Service Unit at 1-877-727-7238 to use either of the above methods.
b) Credit Card:
Defendants may make payments by credit card (Visa and MasterCard) by calling 1-800-955-2305. A fee may be assessed for this service.
c) Computer/Internet:
Defendants have two options to make child support payments via the internet:
1) Using credit cards at
2) Using bank accounts at
PA SCDU has a computerized (automated) answering service. For questions about your support payments, call the PA SCDU Customer Service Unit at 1-877-PAS-SCDU (1-877-727-7238). Payment information is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
To speak to a PA SCDU customer service representative, call Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.
To access your child support information by using the web site, you must first set up a Personal Identification Number (PIN). 
If you do not have computer/internet access, you may go to your local public library.
You also may use the Domestic Relations Office's Interactive Voice Response System (IVR) at (717) 255-2796. You must have touch tone service. For case specific information, you must first set up a Personal Identification Number (PIN).
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