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​Local Rules of Court
expandCivil Rules 
pdf 1012-Entry of Appearance
pdf 1028(c)-Preliminary Objections-Procedures for Disposition
pdf 1035.2(a)-Motion for Summary Judgment-Procedures for Disposition
pdf 1301-Arbitration
pdf 1303-Listing of a Case. Notice. Location. Continuances
pdf 1307-Docketing. Notice
pdf 1534-Accounts of Fiduciaries
pdf 1901.3-Protection from Abuse Filings
pdf 1905A-Violation of a Temporary or Final Order
pdf 1905C-Notification of Victim Upon Release of Offender
pdf 1910.4-Fees
pdf 1915.13-Applications for Special Relief (Emergency Petitions for Custody)
pdf 1915.1-Scope
pdf 1915.4-2-Custody Conference Officers
pdf 1915.7-Agreements and Consent Order
pdf 1920.2-Question of Jurisdiction or Venue
pdf 1920.43-Special Relief-Divorce
pdf 1920.51-Appointment of Master
pdf 1920.77-Divorce Information Sheet
pdf 2039A-Form 2039A
pdf 2039-Petitions for Approval of Minors' Compromises
pdf 205.2(a)-Physical Characteristics of Pleadings and Other Legal Papers
pdf 206.1(a)-Petitions
pdf 208.2(c)-Motions-Statement of Applicable Authority
pdf 208.2(e)-Discovery Motions-Certifications
pdf 208.3(b)-Contested Motions
pdf 210-Form and Content of Briefs
pdf 212.1-Notice of Earliest Trial Date. Filing of Pre-Trial Statements
pdf 212.3-Pre-Trial Conferences in Jury Trial Cases
pdf 215.1-Jury Trials
pdf 215.4-Complex Litigation Designation; Appointment of a Single Judge
pdf 2206-Petitions for Approval of Wrongful Death and Survival Settlements
pdf 227.1A-Appeals
pdf 227.3-Transcripts
pdf 237.5-Notice of Intention to Enter Default Judgment
pdf 4005-Number of Interrogatories
pdf 4014-Number of Requests for Admissions
pdf 430-Service Pursuant to Special Order of Court. Publication
pdf 5002-Money Paid Into Court
pdf 5004-Auditors, Referees and Masters
pdf Dauphin County Standard Interrogatories
expandCriminal Rules 
pdf 115-Transcripts (Prior to Notice of Appeal)
pdf 120-Attorneys
pdf 301-Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD)
pdf 520-Types of Bail
pdf 535-Return of Deposit
pdf 573-Discovery in Child Abuse-Assault Cases
pdf 576-Filing
pdf 720A-Appeals
expandJudge's Practices and Preferences 
pdf Judge Dowling's Practice Order for Court Proceedings - Revised 2014
pdf Judge Turgeon's Practices and Preferences
expandJuvenile Local Rules 
expandLocal Rules of Court 
pdf FAQ Dauphin County Local Rules
expandMDJ Rules 
pdf 104-Fees Incurred in Providing Public Access to Official Case Records of the Magisterial
pdf 1208-Findings and Protection Orders
pdf 1210-Duration of Protection Orders
expandOrphans Court 
pdf 1.1.1-Reserved
pdf 1.2.2-Docketing of Cases
pdf 1.2.4-Court Calendar
pdf 1.2.6-Inter Vivos Trust
pdf 10.1.1-Reserved
pdf 10.2.2-Citation
pdf 10.2.4-Inheritance Tax Appeals
pdf 11.2.1-Reserved
pdf 12.1.2-Exemption Claimed in Personality - Appraisals
pdf 12.1.4-Notice
pdf 12.1.6-Final Decree
pdf 12.10.2-Exhibits to Petition
pdf 12.10.4-Petition to Fix or Waive Additional Security
pdf 12.12.1-Additional Requirements for Petition Under Chapter 83 of the PEF Code
pdf 12.14.1-Reserved
pdf 12.2.2-Notice; Objections; Final Decree
pdf 12.3.2-Extension of Time-Practice and Procedure
pdf 12.5.1-Appearance in Court-Minor Over Fourteen
pdf 12.5.3-Small Estates of Minors
pdf 12.6.1-Exhibit to Petition
pdf 12.7.2-Form of Petition for Discharge-Small Estates
pdf 12.9.1-Additional Contents of Petition for Public Sale
pdf 12.9.3-Notice and Confirmation of Public Sale; Additional Security
pdf 13.2.1-Reserved
pdf 14.1.1-Reserved
pdf 14.2.1-Written Consent
pdf 14.2.3-Notice
pdf 14.2.5-Special Petitions for Allowances
pdf 14.3.2-Final Decree
pdf 15.1.1-Practice and Procedure
pdf 15.3.1-Reserved
pdf 15.5.1-Reserved
pdf 15.7.1-Reserved
pdf 2.1.1-Notes
pdf 2.3.1-Definitions
pdf 3.3.1-Reserved
pdf 3.5.1-Disposition
pdf 4.1.1-Reserved
pdf 4.3.1-Reserved
pdf 5.1.2-Form of Notice
pdf 5.2.1-Method-When No Fiduciary
pdf 5.4.1-Return of Notice-Additional Requirements
pdf 6.1.1-Form
pdf 6.11.1-Small Estates
pdf 6.2.1-Reserved
pdf 6.4.1-Deadline for Filing Accounts
pdf 6.6.1-Reserved
pdf 6.8.1-Reserved
pdf 6.9.1-Filing-Time and Place
pdf 6.9.4-Advertisement
pdf 7.1.2-Exceptions-Time and Place of Filing
pdf 8.1.1-Appointment
pdf 8.1.3-Masters
pdf 8.3.1-Reserved
pdf 8.5.1-Reserved
pdf 8.7.1-Exceptions
pdf 8.8.1-Amount of Compensation
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