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​Local Rules of Court
expandCivil Rules 
pdf 1012-Entry of Appearance
pdf 1018.1-Notice to Defend; Form
pdf 1034(a)-Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings-Procedures for Disposition
pdf 1038-Trial Without Jury
pdf 1302List of Arbitrators. Appointment of Board. Compensation
pdf 1306-Report and Award. Delay Damages
pdf 1308-Appeal Notice Compensation
pdf 1703-Class Actions
pdf 1902-Commencement of Action
pdf 1905B-Private Criminal Complaint for Violation of Order or Agreement
pdf 1910.20-Support Order; Notice Pursuant to 23 Pa.R.C.P. 4303(a)(2)
pdf 1910.7-Questions of Jurisdiction or Venue
pdf 1915.15(c)-Cover Sheet to Custody Complaint, Petition for Modification
pdf 1915.3-Custody Actions
pdf 1915.5-Question of Jurisdiction or Venue. Counterclaim
pdf 1915.8-Physical or Mental Examinations of Persons
pdf 1920.42-Affidavit Under Section 3301(d)(1) of the Divorce Code
pdf 1920.51A-Filing Fee; Compensation of Master and Stenographer
pdf 1920.53(a)(1)-Hearing by Master
pdf 1930.2-Transcripts
pdf 2039B-Form 2039B
pdf 205.1-Removing Papers From Prothonotarys Office
pdf 205.2(b)-Cover Sheets (Under Further Review and Consideration)
pdf 206.4(c)-Applications Designated to Proceed as Petitions-Rules to Show Cause
pdf 208.2(d)-Uncontested Motions-Certification
pdf 208.3(a)-Motion Procedure
pdf 208.4-Motions-Entry of Order
pdf 211-Oral Argument
pdf 212.2-Contents of Pre-Trial Statements
pdf 214-Preferences
pdf 215.3-Status Conferences
pdf 2206A-Form 2206A
pdf 223.2-Custody and Storage of Exhibits
pdf 227.1-Motions After Trial
pdf 236-Notice by Prothonotary of Entry of Order, Decree or Judgment
pdf 240-In Forma Pauperis-Civil Cases
pdf 4006-Standard Interrogatories-Document Requests
pdf 4019-Discovery
pdf 5001-Attorneys
pdf 5003-Views and Viewers
pdf 51A-Court Dates
expandCriminal Rules 
pdf 106-Continuances
pdf 117-Night Court Duty Procedures
pdf 202-Search Warrants
pdf 507-Police Complaints
pdf 530-Duties and Powers of a Bail Agency
pdf 543-Disposition of Case at Preliminary Hearing
pdf 574-Motions. Filing, Service and Notice. Removal of Papers
pdf 609-Custody and Storage of Oversize Exhibits; Videotapes; Tangible, Non-Documentary Items
pdf 720B-Post Sentence Motions
expandJudge's Practices and Preferences 
pdf Judge Dowling's Practices and Preferences
expandJuvenile Local Rules 
pdf 1167-Service of Court Orders and Notices
expandLocal Rules of Court 
expandMDJ Rules 
pdf 1008B-Landlord and Tenant Appeals
pdf 1204-Venue
pdf 1209A-Violation of a Temporary or Final Order
pdf 1211-Certification to Court
expandOrphans Court 
pdf 1.2.1-Local Rules
pdf 1.2.3-Non-Jury Trials and Other Proceedings
pdf 1.2.5-Argument Court
pdf 1.2.7-Sureties
pdf 10.2.1-Form of Appeal
pdf 10.2.3-Disposition-No Answer
pdf 11.1.1-Reserved
pdf 12.1.1-Additional Contents of Petition
pdf 12.1.3-Exemption Claimed in Realty-Appraisals
pdf 12.1.5-Objections
pdf 12.10.1-Additional Requirements for Petition for Private Sale, Exchange or Granting of Options
pdf 12.10.3-Notice; Confirmation
pdf 12.11.1-Mortgage or Lease of Real Property; Additional Requirements
pdf 12.13.1-Reserved
pdf 12.2.1-Additional Contents of Petition
pdf 12.3.1-Extension of Time-Contents of Petition
pdf 12.4.1-Reserved
pdf 12.5.2-Additional Exhibits
pdf 12.5.4-Allowances from Minor's Estate
pdf 12.7.1-Contents of Petition for Discharge
pdf 12.8.1-Reserved
pdf 12.9.2-Exhibits to Petition
pdf 13.1.1-Reserved
pdf 13.3.1-Reserved
pdf 14.2(c)-Adjudication of Incompetency and Appointment of a Guardian
pdf 14.2.2-Service
pdf 14.2.4-Inventory
pdf 14.3.1-Notice
pdf 14.4.1-Reserved
pdf 15.2.1-Reserved
pdf 15.4.1-Reserved
pdf 15.6.1-Reserved
pdf 17.1-Reserved
pdf 2.2.1-Reserved
pdf 3.1.1-Reserved
pdf 3.4.1-Reserved
pdf 3.6.1-Reserved
pdf 4.2.1-Reserved
pdf 5.1.1-Legal Periodical
pdf 5.1.3-Method-Presumed Decedents and Unascertained Persons
pdf 5.3.1-Reserved
pdf 5.5.1-Reserved
pdf 6.10.1-Filing and Service
pdf 6.12.1-Reserved
pdf 6.3.1-Notice; Certification
pdf 6.5.1-Reserved
pdf 6.7.1-Reserved
pdf 6.9.1-Contents
pdf 6.9.3-Additional Requirements
pdf 7.1.1-Exceptions-Generally
pdf 7.1.3-Exceptions-Form
pdf 8.1.2-Notice of Hearings
pdf 8.2.1-Where Filed
pdf 8.4.1-Reserved
pdf 8.6.1-Completion of Report; Notice
pdf 8.7.2-Confirmation
pdf 9.1.1-Rules Pertaining to Official Examiners
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