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Process and Application Fees

The applicant must qualify according to the family income limit guidelines.

The applicant must complete the Capital Region Community HomeBuyers Coalition Workshop or another HomeBuyers Workshop only when the above cannot accommodate the applicant.

With a clear knowledge of the price and type of home which she/he requires and can afford, an applicant will then enter into an Agreement of Sale to purchase a home. The Dauphin County Department of Community and Economic Development will only accept an application after the homebuyer has signed a Sales Agreement on a property. The down payment and/or closing cost assistance provided to the homebuyer is attached to the property.

With an approved counseling agency's or realtor's help, if needed, the applicant should then apply for a First Mortgage from any lender or a lender participating in a Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA) program. The approved counseling agencies retain a list of lenders with special programs directed at first time homebuyers. Each applicant is free to select the lender desired, but must check to ensure that the lender is willing to accept the recording of a second or subordinated mortgage offered by this Program.

When a lender approves the First Mortgage, it will calculate the amount of second or subordinated mortgage required to enable the applicant to purchase the house. The lender must submit a copy of its calculations to the Dauphin County Department of Community and Economic Development.

The applicant will proceed to settlement and will be assisted in purchasing the home by the lender providing the First Mortgage, and second or subordinated mortgage, which is funded by the Dauphin County Affordable Housing Trust Fund. The Dauphin County Affordable Housing Trust Fund will issue a check to the title company/settlement agent for closing.
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