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Dauphin County Local Share Gaming
2011-12 Grant Process
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I have questions about the grant application? Who should I contact?
A: Please direct all inquires to:
Dauphin County Gaming Advisory Board
c/o Michelle Shade
Dauphin County Department of Community & Economic Development
112 Market Street, 7th Floor
Harrisburg, PA 17101
Q: Who is eligible for grants?
A: Those eligible for grants include East Hanover Township, municipalities contiguous with East Hanover Township (Derry, Middle Paxton, Rush, South Hanover and West Hanover Townships), and Dauphin County . Non-contiguous municipalities within Dauphin County may be eligible if they partner with one of the aforementioned municipalities. Priority will be given to inter-governmental projects and those that leverage outside investments into the county.
Q: I have a project idea, but my organization is not a municipality. Can I still apply?
A: Non-municipal entities may only apply if their project is sponsored by an eligible local municipal government or Dauphin County . No consideration will be given to projects that are not sponsored by a municipality.
Q: I represent a municipal authority, is the authority eligible to apply?
A: No, unless its application is sponsored by an eligible municipality or Dauphin County . Municipal authorities are not "municipalities" for purposes of the Pennsylvania Race Horse Development and Gaming Act. In the local share gaming grant process, municipal authorities are considered non-municipal entities and require sponsorship in order to seek grant funds.
Q: How can I learn about the requirements related to sponsorship?
A: Consult the Guidelines for Sponsorship of Local Share Municipal Grant Applications. The Guidelines can be found at Appendix A to the Local Share Municipal Grant Application, which can be obtained from the county's website or the Dauphin County Department of Community and Economic Development.
Q: How much will be available in competitive grants?
A: Available funds are tied to gaming revenues, and gaming revenues will fluctuate. In 2009, over $6.5 million was awarded in municipal grants. Of that, $3 million will be prioritized for projects in East Hanover Township , the casino's host community. That means about $3.5 million will be available during the competitive process. Again, available funds are estimated and subject to change according to formulas established by state law.
Q: Will one municipality be able to secure all $3.5 million?
A: The Dauphin County Commissioners have indicated that local share gaming money should have a broad impact and benefit many areas of Dauphin County . Applicants should be mindful that large requests must be balanced against this priority. However, a maximum grant amount has not been established.
Q: When are grant applications due?
A: All applications must be postmarked or delivered no later than close of business on Wednesday, Sept. 1, 2011. No exceptions will be granted.
Q: Are there any steps I have to take before submitting an application?
A: All potential applicants are strongly encouraged to schedule an application pre-conference with program consultants and/or staff for the Dauphin County Gaming Advisory Board. The pre-conferences will help interested parties ensure they are eligible and provide an opportunity to answer questions about the process. As explained in the Local Share Municipal Grant Application, a pre-conference is not required, but applicants who do not participate in a pre-conference will experience a substantial loss of points in the scoring of their application.
Q: Where should we send our applications?
A: The Dauphin County Gaming Advisory Board (DCGAB) in care of the Dauphin County Department of Community and Economic Development at the above-listed address.
Q: How many copies should we send?
A: Please include 10 paper copies and 1 electronic copy.
Q: Should we provide anything beyond the requirements in the application?
A: We will accept any additional items that will be helpful in rendering a decision.
Q: When will the grants be awarded?
A: We anticipate all grants will be awarded no later than March 1, 2012.
Q: Who will award the grants?
A: The Dauphin County Commissions, with the advice of the DCGAB, will award the grants.
Q: What is the process for approving grants?
A: Beginning in September 2011, we expect the DCGAB to use the following process, which is anticipated to take about six months:  
  • 60-day application review. This will determine whether grant applications fit eligibility requirements set by state law and county guidelines. The county wants to ensure all applicants have the information necessary in order to be eligible. Please refer to the requirements in the grant application, as well as the questions above. Any further questions can be directed to the Dauphin County Department of Community and Economic Development.
  • Public presentations of all eligible applicants. Once eligibility is determined, all applicants will be required to make a public presentation explaining their project. Presentations will be made during special public hearings according to a schedule set by the DCGAB. The general public will have an opportunity to comment at each hearing on projects of interest. Written comments will also be accepted. 
  • Follow-up hearings. After all hearings are complete, the county reserves the right to schedule follow-up public hearings or request additional information. Such hearings would be held to ensure all questions about applicants are satisfied. Additional hearings will not be seen as a positive or negative when rendering final decisions. The DCGAB will establish a deadline for submitting written comments or materials.  
  • Final grant review. After all public presentations and written comments have been received, an approximate 30-day review process will begin. Grant awards will be announced during a public meeting of the Dauphin County Commissioners no later than March 1, 2012.
Q: If grants will be awarded no later than March 1, 2012, when will the grant review process begin?
A: The process will begin at some point after the September 1, 2011 submission deadline. A formal schedule will be released shortly after applications are received and eligibility determined.
Q: How will I know if I am eligible and my application has been accepted?
A: The DCGAB will send a letter to any ineligible applicants advising them that their application has not been accepted. Eligible applicants will receive a letter advising them that their application has been accepted and informing them of the schedule for the public presentations.
Q: How will gaming funds be transferred to those projects that are selected?
A: The Dauphin County Industrial Development Authority (DCIDA) will administer the municipal grants and closely scrutinize the use of gaming funds. Awards will not be disbursed through block grants, but rather on an as-needed basis. The DCIDA will reimburse projects for their expenses after receiving detailed receipts. Any remaining money after the completion of a project will be placed into a pool for future grants.
Q: Must projects that win grant awards begin immediately?
A: All grant recipients will be required to sign a Grant Agreement. The Grant Agreement will include conditions on the recipient, including but not limited to, deadlines for initiating the selected projects. It is anticipated that the Grant Agreement will require that work must be initiated on all winning projects within ONE YEAR of the grant award (no later than March 1, 2013). Projects that fail to meet this deadline, or breach other requirements of the Grant Agreement, will have their funding revoked.
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