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Color Your Plate  
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The Dauphin County Wellness Committee invites you to participate in the Color Your Plate Nutrition Campaign Challenge.
Wellness is an important responsibility for all of us. We are pleased to offer you this fun and entertaining new wellness program. Healthy eating, exercise and lifestyle habits may reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Incorporating more fruits and vegetables into the diet is one important step toward wellness and disease prevention.
The goal of Color Your Plate is to help increase fruit and vegetable consumption to meet the latest nutrition guidelines of five to 10 servings daily. It's easier and tastier than you think! During the six-week campaign, you'll explore the health contributions of phytochemicals that are associated with the variety of colors of fruits and vegetables. You'll discover easy strategies for incorporating colorful fruits and vegetables into your daily routine. Color Your Plate is also packed with delicious recipes and great take-home messages to help you successfully and deliciously meet your health goals. It's healthy eating made simple and fun.
Join us for this exciting 6 week wellness campaign. The Color Your Plate campaign begins on July 20, 2009. To register to participate and to receive weekly newsletter articles, healthy eating tips, and recipes contact Carolyn Dwyer at or call 780-6142.
There is no fee to participate in this program just 6 weeks of great information to help you on your way to a Healthier Lifestyle.
To Your Health,
The Wellness Committee
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