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Ordinances / Resolutions


An Ordinance is a law usually found in municipal code. These laws are enforced through the local government and are in addition to any state or federal laws. Listed below are the ordinances of Dauphin County in an easy download format.



A resolution is a motion that is passed by a legislative body, such as your board of commissioners. Resolutions can cover a wide variety of topics, and are simply motions written out, making them easier to discuss. A written resolution can also be made accessible to the public after it has been voted on. This allows the people to view exactly what their law makers have voted on and passed into law. Listed below are the resolutions of Dauphin County in an easy to access format. 
pdf Ordinance 07 - Uniform Parcel Identifier Ordinance
pdf Resolution 02 - Application for county aid for the development of a pre design concept plan
pdf Resolution 04 - Negotiation and acquisition of right of ways for the Duke Street project
pdf Resolution 06 - Operating cost for Human Services Building FY 2015/2016
pdf Resolution 08 - Submission of the NDRC Application
pdf Resolution 10 - Funding for PA housing affordability and rehabilitation enhancement fund
pdf Resolution 12 - Fort Indiantown Gap Joint land Use Study
pdf Resolution 15 - Authorization of the submission of a PA Dept of conservation and natural resources
pdf Resolution 17 - Permitting the consumption and possession of alcohol on certain days this summer at Fort Hunter
pdf Ordinance 01A - Providing certain salary increase for some elected county officers
pdf Ordinance 03 - Authorizing non electoral debt
pdf Resolution 08 - RACP Grant to finance the Olde Uptown Harrisburg project
pdf Resolution 1 - PennDOT’s Policy & Procedure for consultant selection of engineering firms
pdf Resolution 11 - Rental rate for DC human services building FY 2014-15
pdf Resolution 13 - Hazard mitigation grant program EMA
pdf Resolution 15 - Permitting Alcohol consumption at Ft. Hunter for Jazz Festival days
pdf Resolution 17 - Action plan for Housing and community development programs
pdf Resolution 2 - Application to Unencumber Liquid Fuels Tax Funds
pdf Resolution 22 - McNees, Wallace, & Nurick Special counsel for SWAP
pdf Resolution 24 - Pa Dept. Of Transportation
pdf Resolution 26 - Opioid & Prescription Overdose Crisis
pdf Resolution 28 - Authorization of the bridge inventory and Inspection Reimbursement
pdf Resolution 3 - Diakon Lutheran Social Ministries financing of certain projects in Dauphin County
pdf Resolution 31 - Hiring freeze for all employment positions in Dauphin County for 2015
pdf Resolution 4 - Conveyance of certain properties by the Housing Authority to the Affordable Housing Associates
pdf Resolution 6 - Designating Steve Libhart to execute documents to obtain financial assistance for the Hazard Mitigation Grant
pdf Ordinance 01 - Tax Collector Compensation Package Changes
pdf Ordinance 03 - Amending Ordinance #2-1995 Establishment of Rules & Regulations
pdf Ordinance 05 - Rescinding Ord. #5-2005 authorizing and approving the County's Municipal Solid Waste Mgmt. Plan
pdf Ordinance 07 - Authorizing lease rental debt - PA Economic Dev. Financing Authority's Subordinate Guaranteed Parking Revenue Bonds
pdf Ordinance 09 - Nonelectoral Debt (County's Liquid Fuels Revenue Note, Series of 2013) - Dauphin Co. Infrastructure Bank
pdf Resolution 02 - Allegheny Ridge Heritage Area Management Action Plan Update
pdf Resolution 04 - Establishment of a HSBG Planning & Advisory Bd.
pdf Resolution 06 - Submission of a grant to PA Dept. of Conservation & Natural Resources-Capital Area Greenbelt
pdf Resolution 08 - Disposal of Surplus Property (EMA)
pdf Resolution 10 - Parks & Recreation – consumption and/or possession of alcoholic beverages at Park events
pdf Resolution 12 - PA DCED Application – Watershed Restoration & Protection Prog.
pdf Resolution 14 - Cooperation Agmt. – IDA – RCAP – Pinnacle Health Hospital
pdf Resolution 16 - Amending Dauphin Co. Act 167 Stormwater Management Plan
pdf Resolution 18 - County’s sponsorship of Lancaster Co. Solid Waste Management Authority’s RACP Application
pdf Resolution 21 - Expansion of the Keystone Opportunity Zone Program
pdf Resolution 23 - Appointment to the South Central Workforce Investment Board
pdf Resolution 25 - Health, Safety & Welfare Resolution - Dauphin Co. General Authority – Tel Hai Retirement Community
pdf Resolution 27 - Authorization for Steve Libhart, Director of EMA, to execute documents – Hazard Mitigation Grant Program
pdf Resolution 29 - Tax Levy & Appropriation Resolution
pdf Resolution 31 - Settlement Agreements with contractors/vendors of THA
pdf Ordinance 01 - Additions to the Dauphin County Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance
pdf Ordinance 03 - Unconventional Gas Well Fee
pdf Ordinance 05 - Extension of the maturity date-County’s Federally Taxable Bond Anticipation Note, Series of 2010
pdf Resolution 02 - Cooperation Agreement – Dauphin Co. IDA – Harrisburg Realty Improvements Corp. Project
pdf Resolution 04 - Dauphin Co. IDA – Next Generation Farmer Loan Program
pdf Resolution 06 - PA Dept. of DCED – for the Northern Dauphin Revitalization Project
pdf Resolution 08 - Tax-exempt financing Project for Aero Harrisburg, LLC
pdf Resolution 10 - Appointment of new HIPAA Privacy Officer
pdf Resolution 12 - Filing of the Emergency Solutions Grant application to PA DCED
pdf Resolution 14 - Submission of the Dauphin Co. CDBG Disaster Recovery Assistance Action Plan
pdf Resolution 16 - 9-1-1 Revised Plan for 2013-2015
pdf Resolution 18 - Submission of the 2012 Emergency Solutions Grant Application
pdf Resolution 20 - Appointments to the SouthCentral Workforce Investment Board
pdf Resolution 22 - LERTA for the Verdelli Farms Redevelopment Project
pdf Resolution 24 - Submission of the 2013 Action Plan for the Housing & Community Dev. Programs
pdf Resolution 27 - Tax Levy & Appropriation for 2013
pdf Resolution 29 - Cessation of operations of the Herbert A. Schaffner Youth Center and related documents
pdf Resolution 31 - Application to Encumber Liquid Fuels – Multi-bridge deck rehabilitation
pdf Ordinance 02 - Dauphin Co. Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance
pdf Ordinance 04 - Dauphin County Storm Sewer Discharge & Connection Ordinance
pdf Ordinance 06 - Intergovernmental Cooperation Agmt. Extension – PA County Health Insurance Purchasing Cooperative
pdf Resolution 02 - Appointment of Robert Gallagher, Ray Spencer & Matt Tunnell to the SouthCentral Workforce Investment Board
pdf Resolution 04 - Keystone Human Services Project for a RACP Grant (modifies Reso #3-2011)
pdf Resolution 06 - RACP Grant to finance the Olde Uptown Harrisburg project
pdf Resolution 08 - Dauphin Co. IDA - "First Time Farmer" Program
pdf Resolution 10 - Grant Request PA DCNR - Capital Area Greenbelt Planning Study
pdf Resolution 12 - Adopting the Hazard Vulnerability Assessment and Mitigation Plan Update
pdf Resolution 14 - Consumption and/or possession of alcoholic beverages at Fort Hunter Events
pdf Resolution 16 - Pinnacle Health System Bond Financing through Dauphin County General Auth.
pdf Resolution 18 - Retention of Gershman, Brickner & Bratton, Inc. as Solid Waste Mgmt. Consultants
pdf Resolution 20 - DUI Checkpoint & Enforcement Project Grant
pdf Resolution 22 - Ratifying the change of dates of the Annual Jazz Festival
pdf Resolution 24 - Designating D'Juna L. Gaither as Finance Officer under the Robert T. Trafford Disaster Relief & Emerg. Asst. Act
pdf Resolution 26 - CDBG & HOME Program FY 2012 Action Plan/2012-2016 Consolidated Plan
pdf Resolution 28 - Tax Levy for 2012
pdf Resolution 30 - Approval of the GASB #54 Policy
pdf Resolution 32 - Federal-Aid Supplemental Reimbursement Agreement - Bridge #32 (Duke St.)
pdf Ordinance 02 - Issuance of general obligation bonds series D
pdf Ordinance 04 - Agreement pursuant to the workforce investment act of 1998
pdf Ordinance 07 - Determining debt not to exceed 1.9 million dollars
pdf Resolution 01 - Reducing the amount of assistance to first-time homebuyer applicants
pdf Resolution 03 - Establishment of committee commemorating 150th Anniversary of the American Civil War
pdf Resolution 05 - Homeland Center Refinance through the Upper Dauphin IDA
pdf Resolution 07 - Renaming the Collaborative Board to the Ramona Thompson Collaborative Board
pdf Resolution 09 - Winn Development’s Restoration of the Felton Elementary School - commitment from Affordable Housing Trust Funds
pdf Resolution 11 - Creation of a Recovery Zone
pdf Resolution 13 - Dauphin County Act 167 Stormwater Management Plan
pdf Resolution 15 - Appt. of Dauphin County Redevelopment Auth. As contractor - Main Street Funding
pdf Resolution 17 - Closing out PA Dept. of Conservation and Natural Resources Community Conservation Partnerships Grant
pdf Resolution 19 - Designation of Agent - FEMA
pdf Resolution 21 - Amending and authorizing the Dauphin Co. HOME Rehabilitation Program - permanent lien on grant recipients
pdf Resolution 23 - Operating Costs attributable to the rental area of the Dauphin County Human Services Building
pdf Resolution 25 - Allocation of Recovery Zone Facility Bonds for the Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center Project
pdf Resolution 27 - Acquisition of radio equipment from Motorola, Inc. for Dauphin County Prison
pdf Resolution 29 - Dauphin County General Authority - United Church of Christ Homes, Inc. financing
pdf Resolution 31 - Bridge Inventory and Inspection Program Reimbursement Agreement
pdf Resolution 33 - Designation of Dauphin County Community and Economic Dev. As recipient of LEDA Program Funds
pdf Resolution 35 - Authorization for the Capital Region Economic Development Corp. to administer the PA DCED Grant - Bridge to Bridge Planning
pdf Resolution 37 - Appointment of residents and business leaders to Dauphin County's Act 101 Solid Waste Advisory Committee
pdf Resolution 39 - Amendment #5 to the Deferred Compensation Plan
pdf Resolution 41 - Harrisburg Mid-Town Arts Center
pdf Resolution 43 - Return of the Unused Funds received from PA Dept. of Comm. and Economic Dev. - New Communities Grant Program
pdf Resolution 45 - Filing of a Proposal for funds on behalf of the Redevelopment Auth. for funding of a Main Street Manager Adm. Position
pdf Resolution 47 - Hiring Freeze
pdf Resolution 49 - Creation of a Human Service Transportation Pilot Project
pdf Resolution 51 - Application to Encumber Liquid Fuels Tax Funds - Bridge #32 (Duke Street)
pdf Resolution 53 - Federal-aid Reimbursement Agreement - Duke Street Bridge
pdf Ordinance 02 - Compensation of tax collectors
pdf Ordinance 05 - Dauphin County General Authority
pdf Resolution 01 - Authorizing weight restrictions on Bridge 122
pdf Resolution 03 - Providing for compensation of duly appointed or elected tax collectors
pdf Resolution 05 - Fort Hunter Park Development
pdf Resolution 07 - Authorization of Proposal for Funds with DCED
pdf Resolution 09 - Wellness Committee - publishing of cooking book
pdf Resolution 11 - Permitting the consumption and/or possession of alcoholic beverages at certain events at Fort Hunter
pdf Resolution 13 - Approval of Financing - Pinnacle Health System Health Care Facilities
pdf Resolution 16 - Termination of a Certain Interest Rate Swap Agreement
pdf Resolution 18 - Cooperation Agreement - Dauphin County IDA (Harrisburg Area YMCA Project)
pdf Resolution 20 - Closing out Community Conservation Partnerships Grant Project
pdf Resolution 22 - Reconstituting the Dauphin Co. Gaming Advisory Board & appointing members
pdf Resolution 24 - Temporary Increase to the Affordable Housing Fund
pdf Resolution 26- Financial Approval for Diakom Lutheran Social Ministries Project
pdf Resolution 28 - Revised Triennial 9-1-1 Plan
pdf Resolution 30 - Adoption of the Dauphin Co. Safety Policy Statement & appointing Donna Miller as the Accident & Illness Prevention Prog. Coord.
pdf Resolution 32- Application To Encumber Liquid Fuels Tax Funds
pdf Resolution 34 - Dauphin County Hiring Freeze
pdf Ordinance 02 - Authorizes and Directs Issuance of General Obligation Bonds
pdf Ordinance 04 - Debt Act in Relation to Improvements of the Veterans Building
pdf Ordinance 06 - Interest Rate Swaps
pdf Resolution 01 - Adopting a 2008 Comprehensive Plan
pdf Resolution 03 - Wildwood Park Development Project
pdf Resolution 05 - Revolving Business Loan Program
pdf Resolution 07 - Susquehanna Area Regional Airport Authority Project
pdf Resolution 09 - Sale of Excess Personal Property
pdf Resolution 11 - Suspension of Alcohol Prohibition on County Property During Blue and Wine Festival
pdf Resolution 13 - PNC Bank Funding of Loan Program
pdf Resolution 15 - Funds Allocated to Tri-County Housing Development Corporation's Mt. Pleasant Homes Project
pdf Resolution 21 - Approving the issuance of tax exempt obligations by Dauphin County IDA to finance a project located in the County
pdf Resolution 26 - Enacting a hiring freeze
pdf Resolution 28 - Application to encumber liquid fuels tax funds
pdf Ordinance 02 - Debt Act in Relation to Interest Rate Swaps
pdf Ordinance 04 - Debt Act in Relation to the Resource Recovery Facility
pdf Resolution 02 - Allocates $25,000 for Lykens Restoration Project
pdf Resolution 05 - Acquires Spring Creek Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center
pdf Resolution 07 - Highlands Conservation Act
pdf Resolution 09 - County Rental Assistance Program
pdf Resolution 11 - Regional Action Plan Participation
pdf Resolution 13 - License for Geographic Information System Data
pdf Resolution 15- Adoppt National Incident Management System
pdf Resolution 17 - Deferred Compensation Plan for Employees
pdf Resolution 19 - Funding for Capital Area Coalition on Homelessness
pdf Resolution 21 - Department of Community and Energy and the industrial Development Assistance Law
pdf Resolution 23 - Operating Costs to Rental Area of the Human Services Building
pdf Resolution 25 - Authorizes Chairman to Sign on Board of Commissioners Behalf
pdf Resolution 27 - Payment to Covanta Energy Services
pdf Resolution 29 - Relating to the Issuance of Tax-Exempt Obligations
pdf Resolution 31 - Re-Establishes the Department of Drugs and Alcohol Services
pdf Resolution 32A - Concerning Real Estate Tax
pdf Resolution 34 - Application to Encumber Liquid Fuels Tax Fund
pdf Resolution 36 - Adopts Subdivision Land Development Plat Fee Schedule
pdf Ordinance 01 - Increase Project Delivery Costs for Home Rehabiliation Program
pdf Ordinance 03 - Debt Act in Relation to Qualified Interest Management
pdf Resolution 01 - Depository Bank Resolution with Graystone Bank
pdf Resolution 03 - Funding for the HOME Program
pdf Resolution 05 - Closing Out Community Conservation Partnerships Grant Project
pdf Resolution 07 - Fort Hunter Station Acquisition
pdf Resolution 09 - Small Business Loan Awarded to Tuscano Italian Restaurant
pdf Resolution 10a - Certificate of Improvements to the County's Electronic Voting System
pdf Resolution 12 - Small Business Loan Awarded to Corbin-Frye Productions
pdf Resolution 14 - Issuance of Tax-Exempt Obligations
pdf Resolution 16 - Permission for Chairman to Sign Grant on Board's Behalf
pdf Resolution 18 - Creates Task Force to Eliminate Illegal Dumping and Littering
pdf Resolution 20 - Issuance of Tax and Revenue Anticipation Note
pdf Resolution 22 - Adopting Dauphin County 911 Revised Plan
pdf Resolution 24 - Election Day Compensation
pdf Resolution 25 - Payment and Inspection of Locally-Owned Bridges
pdf Resolution 27 - Sale of Spring Creek Rehabilitation and Health Care Center
pdf Resolution 29 - Approving Provisions of the PA Economic Development Financing Law
pdf Resolution 31 - For Hunter Acquisition Project
pdf Resolution 33 - Adoption of Budget
pdf Resolution 35 - Hiring Freeze
pdf Resolution 37 - Application to Encumber Liquid Fuels Tax Funds
pdf Resolution 39 - Small Business Loan Awarded to Patty Cakes Bakery
pdf Ordinance 02 - Authorizing and Directing the Issuance of General Obligation Bonds
pdf Ordinance 04 - Authorizes and Approves an Interest Rate Management Agreement
pdf Ordinance 05a - General Obligation Bonds for Debt Repayment
pdf Resolution 03 - Licensing Fees of Geographic Information System Data
pdf Resolution 05 - Emergency Repair of Borough of Halifax Chestnut Street Stone Bridge and Roadway Project
pdf Resolution 07 - Mileage Reimbursement to Employees
pdf Resolution 09 - Increase Project Delivery Costs for Home Rehabiliation Program
pdf Resolution 11 - Funding for Keystone Community Development Corporation, Inc.
pdf Resolution 13 - Dauphin County Parks, Open Space and Greenway Study
pdf Resolution 15 - Relating to Economic Development Financing Law
pdf Resolution 17 - Adopting Wiconisco Creek Stormwater Management Plan
pdf Resolution 19 - Adopting Spring (West) Creek Stormwater Management Plan
pdf Resolution 21 - Funding for Pillow Borough Water Storage Tank
pdf Resolution 23 - Adopting Paxton Creek Stormwater Management Plan
pdf Resolution 25 - Funding for Pinnacle Health System's Dauphin County Facilities
pdf Resolution 27 - Housing and Redevelopment Assistance Grant
pdf Resolution 29 - Relating to Dauphin County Library System
pdf Resolution 31 - Kohn Road Improvements and Repair
pdf Resolution 33 - Designates Industrial Development Organization
pdf Resolution 35 - Adopting Multi-Creek Watershed Stormwater Management Plan
pdf Resolution 37 - Payment to Tourist Promotion Agency
pdf Resolution 38a - Obligations of the Help America Vote Act (HAVA)
pdf Ordinance 02 - Authorizing and Approving Economic Development Corporation Project
pdf Ordinance 04 - Authorizing and Directing the Issuances of General Obligation Notes and Bonds
pdf Ordinance 06 - Prohibits the Disposal or Dumping of Non-Recyclable Waste
pdf Ordinance 08 - Determine to Incur Debt not to Exceed $11,115,000 with the Refunding Project
pdf Resolution 04 - Names George Hartwick III as a Member of the Board of Directors of the Southcentral Employment Corporation
pdf Resolution 06 - Requesting that the General Authority Add Additional Board Members
pdf Resolution 08 - Funds to the Borough of Berrysburg
pdf Resolution 10 - Adopts Hazardous Vulnerability Assessment and Mitigation Plan
pdf Resolution 12 - Approving Tax-Exempt Note Relating to the Firetree, Ltd. Project
pdf Resolution 14 - Depository Bank Resolution with Commerce Bank
pdf Resolution 17 - Authorizing Supplemental 1999 Bond Retirement to the 1999 Agreement
pdf Resolution 19 - Ceates Tax Increment Financing District
pdf Resolution 21 - MVP Tax Products
pdf Resolution 23 - Funds for the Select Medical Health Education Pavilion
pdf Resolution 25 - Chairman Can Act on the Board of Commissioners Behalf
pdf Resolution 27 - Sale of Laundry Press Machine, Linen Folding Machine, & Linen Stacking Machine
pdf Resolution 29 - Funds to the Borough of Berrysburg
pdf Resolution 30 - Operating Costs of Human Services Building Rental Area
pdf Resolution 32 - Funds to the First-Time Homebuyer Program
pdf Resolution 34 - Small Business Loan Program Funds to Robert's Fine Jewelry, Inc.
pdf Resolution 36 - Funds for the FY 2002 Lykens Borough Municipal Building Project
pdf Resolution 38 - Revised Community Development Block Grant Program
pdf Resolution 40 - Tax Levy and Appropriation
pdf Resolution 42 - Increase Grant Allocation for the Home Rehabilitation Program
pdf Resolution 44 - Relating to Issuance of Notes by the Hospital Authority
pdf Resolution 46 - Application to Encumber Liquid Fuels Tax Fund
pdf Resolution 48 - Appoints Herbert, Rowland & Grubic, Inc. as Engineer
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