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Ordinances / Resolutions


An Ordinance is a law usually found in municipal code. These laws are enforced through the local government and are in addition to any state or federal laws. Listed below are the ordinances of Dauphin County in an easy download format.



A resolution is a motion that is passed by a legislative body, such as your board of commissioners. Resolutions can cover a wide variety of topics, and are simply motions written out, making them easier to discuss. A written resolution can also be made accessible to the public after it has been voted on. This allows the people to view exactly what their law makers have voted on and passed into law. Listed below are the resolutions of Dauphin County in an easy to access format. 
pdf Resolution 03 - Grant application for land acquisition to the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
pdf Resolution 05 - Support for the consolidation of joint public transportation
pdf Resolution 07 - Application for county aid - Derry Township
pdf Resolution 09 - Support of grant application for Detweiler Park master site plan
pdf Resolution 11 - Permitting the possession and consumption of alcohol on certain summer days at Fort Hunter Park
pdf Resolution 13 - Authorization for the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief & Emergency Assistance Act
pdf Resolution 15 - Approving the Harrisburg Area YMCA Tax Exempt Financing
pdf Resolution 17 - Designating the month of May as "Clean Water Counts" month
pdf Resolution 19 - Establishing annual rental rate and operating cost of Dauphin County Human Services building
pdf Resolution 21 - Proposal for Emergency Solutions Grant funds with the PA Department of Community and Economic Development
pdf Resolution 23 - Appointment of Alerus Financial, N.A. - Dauphin County Deferred Compensation Plan
pdf Resolution 25 - Application to PA Department of Community and Economic Development for 2015 Emergency Solutions Grant Program Funds
pdf Resolution 26 - Support of the September 11th National Memorial Trail
pdf Resolution 30 - Authorization for Deputy Chief Clerk to execute documents related to tax parcel #63-024-294
pdf Resolution 33 - Hiring freeze for 2017
pdf Resolution 35 - Card procurement program through PNC
pdf Ordinance 01 - Authorization and directing the incurring of non-electoral debt
pdf Resolution 01 - Application for county aid-derry twp
pdf Resolution 03 - Authorization of the execution of transportation alternatives
pdf Resolution 05 - 9-1-1 Funding
pdf Resolution 07 - Locking in and securing competitive pricing with Provident Energy
pdf Resolution 09 - Authorizing submission of a Capital Area Greenbelt Improvement Grant
pdf Resolution 11 - Federal aid bridge project supplemental reimbursement
pdf Resolution 14 - Approving the refunding of certain outstanding bonds for Frey village
pdf Resolution 16 - Support of cleaning PA's streams and rivers
pdf Resolution 18 - County aid application
pdf Ordinance 02 - Interest rate management plan
pdf Ordinance 04 - Issuance of obligation bonds
pdf Resolution 09 - RACP Grant to finance the Hamilton Health Center
pdf Resolution 10 - Federal aid for Duke street bridge
pdf Resolution 12 - DCNR Grant Application
pdf Resolution 14 - Merit Hire Plan for County Departments
pdf Resolution 16 - Agreement providing for Mutual aid in fire protection and hazardous material incident response
pdf Resolution 18 - Cooperation agreement with dauphin county industrial development authority
pdf Resolution 21 - Next Generation Farm Loan Project Financing
pdf Resolution 23 - Watershed Restoration Program Grant
pdf Resolution 25 - Federal-Aid Reimbursement agreement for Transportation alternatives
pdf Resolution 27 - Opening of Checking account with Mid Penn Bank
pdf Resolution 29 - Setting compensation for certain election district officers
pdf Resolution 30 - Tax Levy
pdf Resolution 32 - Closing out the community conservation partnership grant project
pdf Resolution 5 - Pledging County’s support to the Great American Outdoor Show
pdf Resolution 7 - Signature page for grant for the development of Fort Hunter thru Growing Greener Funds
pdf Ordinance 02 - County's General Obligation Bonds, Series of 2013
pdf Ordinance 04 - Creation of the Dauphin County Land Bank Authority
pdf Ordinance 06 - Approving the Project of the Lancaster County Solid Waste Mgmt. Auth.
pdf Ordinance 08 - Lease Rental Debt - 1100 S. Cameron Street Project
pdf Resolution 01 - Kirsten Cohick, EMA to execute FEMA DR-4099
pdf Resolution 03 - Submission of application to PA DCED for Municipal Assistance Program
pdf Resolution 05 - Submission of a grant to PA Dept. of Conservation & Natural Resources-Wildwood Park
pdf Resolution 07 - Custodianship of Bethel Trail Markers
pdf Resolution 09 - Contribution from the Affordable Housing Trust Fund for the Quail Commons Housing Project
pdf Resolution 11- PA DCED Application – Greenbelt design/partial construction
pdf Resolution 13 - Cooperation Agmt. – IDA – RACP – Susquehanna Art Museum Project
pdf Resolution 15 - Business Account Agmt. – Sovereign Bank
pdf Resolution 17 - Rental Rates for Offices in the Human Services Building
pdf Resolution 19 - DUI Checkpoint & Enforcement Project Grant
pdf Resolution 22 - Submission to PA DEP certain revisions to the 9/11/13 Act 101 2013 Non-Substantial Plan Revision & Appendices
pdf Resolution 24 - Submission of the 2014 Action Plan for Housing & Community Development Programs
pdf Resolution 26 - Acquisition of 1100 S. Cameron St. through Dauphin Co. IDA
pdf Resolution 28 - Application to Encumber Liquid Fuels Tax Funds
pdf Resolution 30 - Hiring Freeze for 2014
pdf Resolution 32 - Settlement Agreements among County, receiver, AGM, THA and HPA
pdf Ordinance 02 - Increase in the Fee for Real Estate Tax Certifications
pdf Ordinance 04 - Dauphin Co. IDA - financings
pdf Resolution 01 - Dauphin County IDA – Grantville Volunteer Fire Company
pdf Resolution 03 - Certificate of Treasury Mgmt. – M&T Bank
pdf Resolution 05 - Swatara Twp. – County Aid Application – Bonnymeade Ave.
pdf Resolution 07 - Dauphin County Parks & Recreation Events – Consumption/Possession of alcoholic beverages
pdf Resolution 09 - Tax-exempt financing – Pinnacle Health System Health Care Facilities
pdf Resolution 11 - Dauphin Co. Sobriety Checkpoint Grant
pdf Resolution 13 - Continuance of the Dauphin Co. Rental Assistance Program
pdf Resolution 15 - Rental Rates for the Human Services Building
pdf Resolution 17 - Supporting House Bill 135 for the Justice Reinvestment Funding
pdf Resolution 19 - Termination of a certain Interest Rate Swap Agreement
pdf Resolution 21 - Tax-exempt financing – Dauphin Co. IDA – Next Generation Farmer Loan Program
pdf Resolution 23 - Upper Dauphin IDA tax-exempt financing – Bethesda Mission
pdf Resolution 25 - SARAA Refinancing of Airport System Revenue Bonds, Series of 2012A
pdf Resolution 28 - Hiring Freeze for 2013
pdf Resolution 30 - Application to Encumber Liquid Fuels – Bridge Guide Rail
pdf Ordinance 01 - Interest Rate Management Plan – General Obligation Bonds, Series A of 2002, Series C of 2005 and Series of 2006
pdf Ordinance 03 - Dauphin County General Authority Bonds
pdf Ordinance 05 - Interest Rate Mgmt. Plan - County's General Obligation Bonds, Series 2005B, 2005C and 2006
pdf Resolution 01 - Commissioner Hartwick to serve on the SouthCentral LEO
pdf Resolution 03 - Keystone Human Services Project for a RACP Grant
pdf Resolution 05 - RACP Grant to finance the Hamilton Health Center in South Allison Hill
pdf Resolution 07 - RACP Grant to finance the John J. Shumaker Public Safety Center
pdf Resolution 09 - County Aid - Derry Township - $650,000 (Park Blvd.)
pdf Resolution 11 - Name change from MH/MR to MH/ID
pdf Resolution 13 - Contribution of $5,000 from the Affordable Housing Fund to the Center for Independent Living of Central PA
pdf Resolution 15 - Application for Emergency Shelter Grant Funds
pdf Resolution 17 - Establishment of operating costs attributable to the rental area of the Human Services Building
pdf Resolution 19 - Federal-Aid Reimbursement Agmt. - Lykens Valley Rail Trail
pdf Resolution 21 - Waiving tipping fees due to the flood
pdf Resolution 23 - Entering into a Feasibility Study to assess the viability of coordinating transportation services
pdf Resolution 25 - Growing Greener Program
pdf Resolution 27 - Appointment of Jeff Haste and Fred Lighty as Alternate - Municipal Financial Recovery Advisory Comm.
pdf Resolution 29 - Hiring Freeze for 2012
pdf Resolution 31 - Encumbrance for the 2012 Bridge Maintenance Project - $150,000
pdf Ordinance 01 - Issuance of general obligation bonds
pdf Ordinance 03 - Revised salary for certain county elected offices
pdf Ordinance 05 - Repealing of ordinance 2-1999
pdf Ordinance 08 - Determining debt to not exceed 350,000
pdf Resolution 02 - First National Bank Business Resolution of Authority
pdf Resolution 04 - Application for the Emergency Shelter Grant Program
pdf Resolution 06- Hershey Center for Applied Research - Grant to build out Technology Suite II
pdf Resolution 08 - Continuance of the Dauphin County Rental Assistance Program
pdf Resolution 10 - Winn Development’s Restoration of the Felton Elementary School - commitment from Local Share Gaming Funds
pdf Resolution 12 - Allocation of Recovery Zone Facility Bonds - Midtown Arts Center
pdf Resolution 14 - Consumption/Possession of alcoholic beverages at certain Fort Hunter Events
pdf Resolution 16 - Fulton Bank - depository of County funds
pdf Resolution 18 - Integrity Bank
pdf Resolution 20 - Endorsement of the South Central PA Regional Action Plan appointment of a Representative
pdf Resolution 22 - Palmetto Posting, Inc. - service and posting of Tax Claim notices
pdf Resolution 24 - Certificate of Approval - Dauphin Count IDA - Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center Project
pdf Resolution 26 - TEFRA refinance of an existing tax-exempt note for the Central PA Blood Bank
pdf Resolution 28 - Parks & Recreation - DCNR Grant - 3 mile section of Lykens Valley Rail Trail in Williams Twp.
pdf Resolution 30 - County Aid - Derry Township - replacement of S.R. 743 Bridge over Norfolk Southern Railroad
pdf Resolution 32 - Harrisburg Authority Incinerator
pdf Resolution 34 - Authorization for the Dauphin Co. Redevelopment Auth. To administer the PA DCED Grant - Comprehensive & Strategic Redevelopment Plan
pdf Resolution 36 - DUI Checkpoint and Enforcement Project Grant
pdf Resolution 38 - Closing of the Herbert A. Schaffner Youth Center
pdf Resolution 40 - Harrisburg Incinerator
pdf Resolution 42 - Submission of the 2011 Action Plan for Housing and Community Development
pdf Resolution 44 - Designation of Tim Berard to serve as the Dauphin County Representative on the SouthCentral LEO Bd. of Directors
pdf Resolution 46 - Tax Levy and Appropriation
pdf Resolution 48 - Renaming of the Personnel Office to "Department of Human Resources"
pdf Resolution 50 - Endorsement of the Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts renovations project - RACP funding
pdf Resolution 52 - Application to Encumber Liquid Fuels Tax Funds - 2011 Mult-Deck Bridge Rehabilitation
pdf Ordinance 01 - Regarding bonds and interest rate swaps
pdf Ordinance 03 - Directing the incurring of non-electoral debt
pdf Ordinance 06 - Parks and Recreation
pdf Resolution 02 - Filing of a proposal for PA DCED funds
pdf Resolution 04 - Grant Issued to Parks and Recreation Department for TreeVitalize Metros Project
pdf Resolution 06 - Property Tax Exemptions for KOZ Areas in Harrisburg and Steelton
pdf Resolution 08 - Designation of a Keystone Opportunity Expansion Zone
pdf Resolution 10 - PA DCED - VOA Project
pdf Resolution 12 - Amended Fee Schedule - Dauphin Co. Subdivision and Land Development Plan Applications
pdf Resolution 14 - Adoption of a Dauphin Co. Parks and Recreation, Open Space and Greenway Plan (Amendment to Comprehensive Plan)
pdf Resolution 17 - Proposal for Funds with the PA DCED
pdf Resolution 19 - Operating Costs attributable to the rental area of the Human Services Building for 2009/2010
pdf Resolution 21 - Tax Revenue Anticipation Note - M&T Bank
pdf Resolution 23 - 2010 DUI Checkpoint & Enforcement Grant
pdf Resolution 25 - Designation of the Dauphin Co. Comm. & Economic Dev. As the Industrial Development organization for Dauphin Co.
pdf Resolution 27 - CDBG & HOME Program FY 2010 Annual Action Plan for submittal to HUD
pdf Resolution 29- Debris Management Plan
pdf Resolution 31 - Changing amount of assistance to First Time Homebuyers
pdf Resolution 33- Tax Levy And Appropriation
pdf Ordinance 01 - Pertaining to Hotel Tax
pdf Ordinance 03 - Uniform Parcel Identifier
pdf Ordinance 05 - The Defining Dates by which Hotel Taxes Collected must be Remitted to the County Treasurer
pdf Ordinance 07 - Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreement for the Purpose of Joining the Pennsylvania County Health Insurance Purchasing Cooperative (PCHIPC) and to Participate as a member of the PCHIPC
pdf Resolution 02 - Approving Contributions to Habitat for Humanity
pdf Resolution 04 - Termination of Healthassurance Pennsylvania, Inc. Contract
pdf Resolution 06 - Depository Bank Revolution with Citizens Bank
pdf Resolution 08 - Names August "Skip" Memmi as Representative Regarding Project Plan
pdf Resolution 10 - Ban on Open Burning
pdf Resolution 12 - Chief Clerk Can Sign on the Board's Behalf
pdf Resolution 14 - Funding of Revolving Business Loan Program Through Rental Properties
pdf Resolution 16 - Amendment to the Industrial Development Assistance Law
pdf Resolution 25 - Tax levy and appropriation
pdf Resolution 27 - Calling for an improved national energy policy for the 21st Century
pdf Ordinance 01 - Debt Act in Relation to Acquisition of 2125 Paxton Church Road
pdf Ordinance 03 - Debt Act in Relation to Acquisition of 5925 Stevenson Avenue
pdf Resolution 01 - Authorizes Mileage and Meal Reimbursement to Dauphin County Employees
pdf Resolution 04 - Constructs and Maintains a Bridge Across Wiconisco Creek
pdf Resolution 06 - Establishes Depository Bank Account
pdf Resolution 08 - Terminates Agreement with Royal Bank of Canada
pdf Resolution 10 - Medical Services for Incarcerated Individuals
pdf Resolution 12 - Proposal for Funds with DCED
pdf Resolution 14 - Increasing Allocation for Lykens Hotel Roof Replacement Project
pdf Resolution 16 - Recovery Plan of the Resource Recovery Facility
pdf Resolution 18 - New Account for the Jury Payment System
pdf Resolution 20 - Designates Steve Howe to Meet with Authority on Tax Increment Financing
pdf Resolution 22 - Improvements to 28 Dewberry Street and Blackberry Streetscape
pdf Resolution 24 - Recovery Plan for Resource Recovery System
pdf Resolution 26 - Financing of Pinnacle Healthcare Facilities Within the County
pdf Resolution 28 - Submission of 2008 Action Plan for Housing and Community Development Programs
pdf Resolution 30 - Amends Municipal Waste Processing/Disposal Agreement
pdf Resolution 32 - Designates Additional Bypass Waste Processing/Disposal Facilities
pdf Resolution 33 - Relating to Hiring Freeze
pdf Resolution 35 - Names George Hartwick III as Member of the Board of Directors of the Southcentral Employment Corporation
pdf Resolution 37 - Funds for Department of Community and Economic Development
pdf Ordinance 02 - Debt Act in Relation to EMS Upgrade Project
pdf Ordinance 04 - Approves University Project
pdf Resolution 02 - Supplemental to Resolution 38A 2005 (Help America Vote Act)
pdf Resolution 04 - Funding for Communities That Care
pdf Resolution 06 - Bonds Inducement Resolution
pdf Resolution 08 - Funds for Nothern Dauphin Revitalization Committee
pdf Resolution 10 - Improvements to the County's Electronic Voting System
pdf Resolution 11 - Small Business Loan Awarded to JK Car Care
pdf Resolution 13 - Increase in Project Delivery Costs for Home Rehabilitation Program
pdf Resolution 15 - Disaster Declaration from River Flooding
pdf Resolution 17 - Small Business Loan Awarded to Italian Tan & Spa, Inc.
pdf Resolution 19 - Pay to Employees in Military Service
pdf Resolution 21 - Retirement Plan for Dauphin County Employees
pdf Resolution 23 - Operating Costs to Rental Area of the Human Services Building
pdf Resolution 24a - Designates the Industrial Development Organization
pdf Resolution 26 - Changes the Affordable Housing Program Requirements and Fees
pdf Resolution 28 - Diakon Lutheran Social Ministries Project
pdf Resolution 30 - Proposal Funds for Department of Community and Economic Development
pdf Resolution 32 - Funding for YMCA YW-Works Program
pdf Resolution 34 - Real Estate Tax
pdf Resolution 36 - Application to Encumber Liquid Fuels Tax Funds
pdf Resolution 38 - Application to Encumber Liquid Fuels Tax Funds
pdf Ordinance 01 - Financing Acquisition and Renovation of the Veterans Buildings
pdf Ordinance 03 - Amends Ordinance 2 of 2001 Relating to Property Taxes
pdf Ordinance 05 - Amends Ordinance 6 of 2001 and Ordinance 6 of 2002 Relating to the Debt Act
pdf Resolution 02 - Issuance of Non-Revolving Line of Credit
pdf Resolution 04 - Advocating the General Assembly to Enact Statewide Tax Reform
pdf Resolution 06 - Funding for Millersburg Borough Tanners Run
pdf Resolution 08 - Small Business Loan Awarded to Barj Providence, LLC.
pdf Resolution 10 - Small Business Loan Awarded to RS Management Enterprises, Inc.
pdf Resolution 12 - Funding for Gratz Borough Extension to the Water Distribution System
pdf Resolution 14 - Ban on Open Burning
pdf Resolution 16 - Housing Redevelopment Assistance Program Grant
pdf Resolution 18 - Relating to The Foundation for Enhancing Communities
pdf Resolution 20 - Relating to Local Government Unit Debt Act
pdf Resolution 22 - Tax and Revenue Anticipation Note Resolution
pdf Resolution 24 - Operating Costs of Rental Area of Human Services Building
pdf Resolution 26 - Funding for Dauphin County Library System
pdf Resolution 28 - Funding for Millersburg Borough North Street Utility and Road Construction
pdf Resolution 30 - Designates August "Skip" Memmi to meet with Susquehanna Township Commercial and Industrial Development Authority
pdf Resolution 32 - Establishes Parks and Recreation Advisory Board
pdf Resolution 34 - Action Plan for Housing and Community Development Programs
pdf Resolution 36 - Lykens Valley Rail Trail, State Game Lands 264 Project
pdf Resolution 38 - Relating to Real Estate Tax
pdf Ordinance 01 - Authorizing and Approving the Issuances of General Obligation Notes
pdf Ordinance 03 - Authorizing and Approving Solid Waste Management Plan
pdf Ordinance 05 - Amending Ordinance 2 and Ordinance 6 of 2002
pdf Ordinance 07 - Realting to Building Acquisition to Incur Debt not to Exceed $500,000
pdf Resolution 01 - Unit Debt Act in Relation to Non-Revolving Line of Credit
pdf Resolution 05 - Stormwater Management Plan
pdf Resolution 07 - Right to Know Law Policy
pdf Resolution 09 - Funds to the Borough of Williamstown
pdf Resolution 11 - Financing Pinnacle Healthcare Facilities in Dauphin County
pdf Resolution 13 - Confirms Written Objection of Expansion of Dauphin Meadows Landfill
pdf Resolution 16 - Tax and Revenue Anticipation Note
pdf Resolution 18 - Approves Public Hearing Conducted by DCIDA
pdf Resolution 20 - Execution and Delivery of Supplemental Bond Retirement Agreements
pdf Resolution 22 - County Becomes Fiduciary Agent of South Central PA Counter-Terrorism Task Force
pdf Resolution 24 - Department of Community and Economic Development is Designated as the Industrial Development Organization
pdf Resolution 26 - Life Insurance Coverage for Employees
pdf Resolution 28 - Fort Hunter Covered Bridge Restoration Project
pdf Resolution 3 - Inclusion of Facilities in the County HIPPA Health Care Component
pdf Resolution 31 - Funds to the FY 2003 Steelton Borough Bailey Street Basketball Court
pdf Resolution 33 - Action Plan for FY 2005 Housing and Community Development Programs
pdf Resolution 35 - Operating Costs of Human Services Building Rental Area FY 2003
pdf Resolution 37 - Purchase of Aging Senior Citizen Meal Delivery Truck
pdf Resolution 39 - Redevelopment Capital Assistance Program Funds for a WITF, Inc. Project
pdf Resolution 41 - Authorizes Filing of Declaration of Taking
pdf Resolution 43 - Reallocation of Lead-Paint Reduction Program Funds
pdf Resolution 45 - Application to Encumber Liquid Fuels Tax Fund
pdf Resolution 47 - Approves Settlement of Appeals Filed with the PA Environmental Hearing Board
pdf Resolution 20 - Submission to PA DEP for approval under Act 101 a 2013 Non-Substantial Plan Revision to the County’s Municipal Waste Mgmt. Plan
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