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Purchasing FAQ
How does a vendor receive an opportunity to do business with Dauphin County?
The Purchasing Department maintains a "Vendor File" including those vendors who have expressed an interest in doing business with the County.  Vendors need to express this interest in writing by sending information on their company to the Purchasing Department.  This can be done via e-mail to
How do vendors receive an opportunity to participate in any public bids that the County is conducting?
The Purchasing Department maintains "Bidders Lists" including vendors that have requested to be included on such listings.  Vendors need to submit their request in writing (e-mail is fine) and give specific information about the goods or services that they provide.  When a bid for those goods or services is advertised, vendors included on these bidder’s lists will receive an invitation to submit a bid.
If a Vendor is not on your “Bidders List”, is there a way to find out about these opportunities?
Yes, all of the County’s public bids are required to be advertised in a local newspaper.  The County uses the Harrisburg Patriot News for this notification.  In addition, all of the County’s public bids are posted on the Dauphin County website.  Vendors should click on the "Business" tab, and then on the link "bidding opportunities".
Does the County participate in cooperative purchasing programs with other government entities?
Yes, the County uses State and Federal contracts for many of our needs in order to take advantage of the bulk purchasing power of these larger groups.  Vendors are encouraged to advise the County of their participation in any of these programs.
Can you provide general information on the County’s purchasing policies and procedures?
Yes, please see the Purchasing Department overview which is posted on the Department’s website page.  It includes a summary of the Department’s functions and responsibilities.
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