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IT Goes Green

The Dauphin County Department of Information Technology Green Statement

The Dauphin County Department of Information Technology it-goes-green.pnghas always strived to be a responsible and proactive steward of our resources. In recent times energy conservation has become a topic of concern for most individuals and companies. Dauphin County IT has taken a proactive approach through the years to not only conserve resources, but also to plan accordingly to continue this policy of conservation for the foreseeable future. This page has been put in place to provide information on past, current and future projects and how they relate to our current conservation efforts.
Past projects:
Printer consolidation (Reduced energy, Reduced toner waste and No waste cartridges) Paperless mainframe reports (Reduced paper use), Core server homogenizing (Reduced energy and cooling) Consolidated storage (Reduced cooling) and Universal system leasing (Dramatic reduction of E-waste, equipment is returned to manufacture for reuse or recycling).
Current projects:
Server virtualization (Less energy used for more work.), Intelligent server enclosures (Smart power and cooling increases energy savings), Electronic online forms (Reduced paper use), Remote access (Fuel Savings), Video conferencing (Fuel Savings).
Virtualization Stats

Current P-class server power usage

9.7 kW
232 kWh per day (24 hours)
7,281 kWh per month (31 days)
86,601 kWh per year

Proposed C-class server power usage
2.9 kW
69 kWh per day (24 hours)
2,157 kWh per month (31 days)
25,891 kWh per year
This represents approximately a 70% reduction in energy use.
Future Projects:
Universal duplex printing ( 25% paper savings), Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (Dramatic power and E-waste reduction), Paperless workflows and Consumable end of life return.
VDI Stats
Current dc5800 with energy star power usage
.092 kW
.736 kWh per day (8 hours)
14.72 kWh per month (20 days)
176 kWh per year
Proposed thin client power usage

.014 kW
.112 kWh per day (8 hours)
2.24 kWh per month (20 days)
26.88 kWh per year
This represents approximately an 85% reduction in energy use.
for more information on power usages and going green please visit:
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