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IT Accomplishments

Geographic Information System

Dauphin County's GIS program is providing daily support to users in the Office of Tax Assessment, Emergency Management Agency and the Tri-County Planning Commission. In addition, a wide variety of county departments have taken advantage of GIS services and products to date, including: the Dauphin County Conservation District, the District Attorney's Office, the Public Defender's Office, Human Services, Criminal Investigation Division, and Elections and Voter Registration.
GIS has been working closely with the Emergency Management Agency to increase the amount of information on the map used by the 911 dispatchers and streamlining the process by which the dispatch map is maintained. Included in this project has been an effort to represent every street address in the county as a point on the map. GIS has also been assisting Emergency Management and several municipalities to revise and update the mapping components of their Three Mile Island emergency response plans, using the aerial imagery collected in 2008.

The unique and detailed Pictometry imagery is also being distributed the county's constituent municipalities to provide their first responders with high-quality, up-to-date information about a location. The initial collection of images was flown in 2008; a second flight is scheduled for 2011.

The GIS-based tax maps have enabled the Department of Tax Assessment to take advantage of third-party products and services to improve routine workflows. In addition, by allowing the tax maps to be viewed was a single digital map, rather than 2,100 individual sheets of paper, parcels are being mapped with greater accuracy than ever before. The department also plans to improve the efficiency of its field staff by employing GIS-based route development.

In 2010, GIS has taken steps to integrate with other databases and technologies, such as Sharepoint. This will allow a greater number of county employees to take advantage of GIS capabilities without the need to learn complex software.
Dauphin County Virtualization Project
Dauphin County has begun a project to convert our data center from physical machines to virtual machines, using VMware software. We've decided on this for several reasons.
. To get more out of our existing resources
. Reduce data center costs by reducing our physical infrastructure
. Increase availability of hardware and applications
. Reduce energy costs
Get more out of our existing resources
The traditional "one workload, one server" approach leads to over-provisioning and underutilization of hardware assets. Most servers operate below their total capacity. Virtualization allows us to run multiple operating systems and applications on the same piece of hardware at the same time. Running multiple workloads on our servers will allow us to increase our server utilization to as much as 80%.
Reduce data center costs by reducing our physical infrastructure
Virtualization will significantly reduce the amount of IT hardware in our datacenter. Each physical server will be able to host several virtual machines. Fewer servers means less money spent on hardware and maintenance costs.
Increase availability of hardware and applications
Virtualization makes it possible for us to reduce our planned downtime. Because workloads can be dynamically moved to different physical servers without downtime, we can perform server maintenance without taking applications offline. If a server should fail, VMware will automatically restart virtual machines on other production servers.
Reduce energy costs
Fewer physical servers means less energy used to run them and less energy to cool them. Every server that is virtualized saves 7,000 kWh of electricity and four tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year. For more info on IT going Green, Click Here.
Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server
Dauphin County has implemented a new employee based Intranet using Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server (MOSS). This intranet has allowed us to broadcast announcements, important HR releases, and departmental forms. MOSS has given us the ability to do document collaboration and create multiple custom lists to fit our needs. Adoption of this technology has already resulted in enhanced communication and a reduction in paper handling and further development will increase overall County efficiency.
Web 2.0 Social Networking
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